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B-L’Attitude, from the center of the heartland, Bismarck North Dakota, Rap Artist, Joshua Bohlen and wife and violinist, Tara Bohlen, are turning heads and gaining attention of people both young and old with their melodic blend combining tight Hip Hop Rap and Artistic Violin. Fans who have already discovered B-L’Attitude are taken aback by their creative energy, on stage performance, and are describing this duo as dynamic, fun, and unique.

In the sea of Electronic Dance Music and Hip Hop Rap, the B-L’Attitude sound rises to the top through their inspiring lyrical beats combined with violin instrumental mix up of Jazz, classical, and experimental music.

Their debut full album "Elevated Love" dropped October 20, 2017 includes a variety of masterfully composed art pieces ranging from Jazz, Funk, Symphonic, EDM, and Raggeaton genres.  The album showcases special track and music video "Elevated Love" which features ND Native vocal artist,  Jared Mason of Nashville.  Other featured guests include James McMahon, Richard Torrence, and Shekinah Bohlen.   In 2016 B-L'Attitude released their first single "Heaven's Door" and music video

 B-L’Attitude has performed in and out of state at Tedx Bismarck, 1 Million Cups, Medora Van Hoffman Stage, Urban Harvest, Lantern Festival, and also has performed at colleges including University of Mary, St. Olaf College, and St. Cloud University.   B-L'Attitude plans to continue to record more music and share their music and “Love Attitude” from Bismarck reaching around the “latitude” of the globe!

B-L’Attitude is paving the way for a new Hip Hop Rap fusion using composed art music and mixing genres to create a new energetic and symphonic sound.  Being a husband and wife duo, homeschooling their three children in Bismarck, B-L’Attitude plans to create a legacy that will also stretch across the globe! Through B-L’Attitude music and its positive, encouraging and inspirational message, they plan on regularly video blogging as a means to connect with fans and educate other aspiring artists to grow musically. Their future will include recording more albums, writing and composing new pieces, exploring new sound using technology and taking their “Love Attitude” expressed through their music on tour locally, nationally, and internationally.

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